From the strict selection of providers until the delivery, the technology developed by Usaflex is present, making all provides maximum comfort. Many researches for the creation of new technologies are made, which combined with the design, give a pretty and comfortable result. Understand why our shoes are resistant, flexible, soft and durable.

Memória Permanente Common insoles lose more than 50% of the original thickness in less than one year, while Everflex Insoles keep 95% of the original thickness. An insole that keeps its shape is more efficient in the impact absorption and foot protection.

Couro The best existing material for shoe manufacturing, because besides being resistant, it has natural elasticity and adjusting to different feet shapes. It is a natural product, from bovine origin, with pores which help feet breathing And among so many qualities, there are those ones which are decisive for customers, who are looking for a new pair of shoes, attractive looking and a resistant and comfortable material.

Conforto Anatômico The Everflex Insole provides comfort because of the sustaining of the body weight. To do so, it uses components, such as: - Sustaining Arches: sustain the discharge of the weight over the feet arches; - Prominent Anatomy: softens the pressure on the sole of the foot; - Heel Laster: distributes the heel weight. – Borders with footstep stabilization.

Absorção Dessorção The Everflex Insole keeps the feet dry and the shoe ventilated even after a busy day. It works absorbing the feet humidity through the bond between the vacuum system over the latex microbubbles and the insole trim. Leaving the shoe standing for 6h, 98% of this humidity is eliminated by the system.

Anti-Bactérias The lining in a resistant, soft and silky fabric has features that impede the fungi and bacteria spread, avoiding allergies and odors.

Solado Resistente Os solados em PVC ou TPU, materiais de alta performance e resistência, possuem longa duração, boa aderência e absorvem os impactos do peso do corpo sobre os pés. E, para oferecer ainda mais conforto, amenizam os ruídos e deixam o calçado muito leve.